Priory Nursing Agency & Homecare

As part of our ethos and as a family business, we have always protected our independence

We help our clients to maintain a good quality of life in the familiarity of their own homes

As a smaller entity, we focus on constructive services that value our clients’ independence

Many of our carers work consistently with our clients, nurturing a trusting, bonding relationship

Priory Nursing Agency & Homecare Ltd

Priory Nursing Agency & Homecare Ltd is a privately-owned independent care service provider that has been committed to offering quality individual-centred care since 1989.

We provide a wide and varied range of care and support services designed to help clients maintain a good quality of life and independence where possible, while maintaining the comfort and familiarity of living within their own homes. In many situations, arranging a package of dedicated home care can delay or prevent admission into longer-term residential care.

Celebrating 30 years since 1989

Our history

Priory Nursing Agency & Homecare was established in 1989 by three RGNs with extensive experience within both the homecare and healthcare sectors, in hospital and domiciliary environments. Our lead partner still has an active input in our day-to-day activities.

As part of our ethos, we have always protected our independence and, as a smaller privately-owned entity, we focus on providing quality, constructive care and support to local authority-commissioned care packages as well as to private clients.

Person-centered home care

This involves the care worker providing assistance and support to the client with various tasks…


We have experienced, competent care workers who help clients who are undergoing a reablement program…

Respite care

Our respite care service provides support for carers when you feel like you need a break, or if you become ill…

Companionship Service

Some clients don’t necessarily need a lot of help in that they are more or less capable of taking care of essential activities…

Escorting and Outings

Sometimes an elderly or infirm person wishes to attend an appointment or may feel like going to a social engagement…

Palliative care

Palliative Care strives to improve the quality of life of patients and families with problems of a life-limiting illness…

Advanced Care

For some clients with long-term medical conditions or disabilities, more demanding clinical needs, specialist care is needed…

Our Staff

We are aware that the skills and dedication of our support workers are essential to the quality of the service we provide. Priory Nursing Agency highly values their Staff and is committed to their ongoing training, job satisfaction and development. We provide our own in-house training, giving us control over the quality and relevance of content and topics covered.

We also make use of external training partners to cover more advanced areas of learning.


“We had an emergency with my disabled cousin’s care Priory could not have been more helpful. The emergency occurred during after-hours but the response was very empathetic. The continuity of care they provide is vital to the quality of his life and I thank them for this.”

Geoff R.

“The carers they sent were all outstanding under difficult circumstances. The agency regularly sought feedback. I cannot recommend them enough.”

Richard S.

“My sister is cared for by Priory Nursing Agency, it gives me peace of mind to know how well she is being looked after. I have a lot of admiration for the carers, they have a difficult job. The administration team are excellent, always helpful, and interested.”

Diane P.

Priory Nursing Agency & Homecare Ltd

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