Advanced Care

Advanced CareFor some clients with long-term medical conditions or disabilities, more demanding clinical needs, specialist care is needed and this is normally delivered by trained care workers or in some cases nurses, helping you to receive treatment in your own home, instead of in a residence, keeping one in the familiarity and comfort of their own and considerable cost savings.

Our care workers have been part of multiple-disciplinary teams looking after clients with conditions such as:

  • intake via peg feed
  • tracheotomy care
  • stoma care
  • acquired brain injury
  • spinal chord injury
  • debilitating conditions such as MS, Parkinson’s etc.

Depending on the particular tasks to be carried out, the care may be delivered by a nurse or a care worker. However for certain tasks, such as:

  • Giving injections
  • Applying dressing to wounds
  • Performing evacuations for clients with incontinence may only be performed by a registered nurse.