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Companionship service

Companionship ServiceSome clients don’t necessarily need a lot of help in that they are more or less capable of taking care of essential activities such as personal care and even domestic support chores around the house or residence.

However, numerous surveys have shown that for a lot of individuals, a lack of human contact or extended periods of isolation can be quite detrimental to their state of mind and general well-being. For them, having frequent or occasional vital human contact would be quite beneficial and rewarding.

These visits can include assistance with tasks or duties such as:

  • Some one to have a tea or coffee and a chat
  • Help with reading and correspondence
  • Catching up on current affairs
  • Being a listener to things the client may want to talk about
  • Help with sorting out correspondence
  • Playing games or other leisure activities

We can provide thoughtful and sympathetic care workers who can spend a couple of hours or more, offering meaningful person-to-person contact.