Priory Nursing Agency & Homecare


We had an emergency with my disabled cousin’s care Priory could not have been more helpful. The emergency occurred during after-hours but the response was very empathetic. The continuity of care they provide is vital to the quality of his life and I thank them for this.

Geoff R.

We’ve been delighted from the start with Priory Nursing’s personalised service. After a warm reception on the phone, we were impressed that the Manager visited our home just the day after we had enquired about care, and reassured by the way he listened to what my mother wanted. We’ve been very happy with all the carers who have come.

Abigail G.

Priory took care of my Mother for several years. I would highly recommend this agency. They are outstanding, always in touch checking everything was good for my Mum. The carer from the Priory was marvellous. There are not enough thank-yous to her for how wonderful she is. Many thanks to a great agency and a wonderful carer.

Jackie P.

My sister is cared for by Priory Nursing Agency, it gives me peace of mind to know how well she is being looked after. I have a lot of admiration for the carers, they have a difficult job. The administration team are excellent, always helpful, and interested.

Diane P.

Priory Nursing Agency have been very responsive and considerate by developing and implementing an emergency care plan for my mum who is recovering from a car accident. The agency managed to find a carer to support us within 3 days.

Shasti L.

I always felt comfortable and confident with the reliable and friendly staff you provided.

Erin K.

The carers they sent were all outstanding under difficult circumstances. The agency regularly sought feedback. I cannot recommend them enough.

Richard S.