Person-centred home care

Person centred home careThis involves the care worker providing assistance and support to the client with various tasks such as:

  • showering or bathing,
  • toileting or continence management,
  • assistance with dressing and grooming,
  • meal and snack preparation
  • catheter care
  • keeping client properly hydrated with hot & cold drinks and fluids
  • prompting with medication
  • collection of medication
  • assistance with communication with GPs and district nurses
  • assistance with oral care and hearing devices
  • skin care and tissue health
  • hoisting and transfers
  • keeping client’s immediate environment organised
  • other miscellaneous tasks

We strive to be flexible and if there is something you need that is not mentioned above, we will be happy to discuss and accommodate the request if possible.
The length of the visit can range from an hour or more, and may be needed more than once during the course of the day.
Depending on the client’s condition, ability to transfer and their mobility, this care may be delivered by one care worker or by a team of two care workers.
If the client’s condition changes, the package of care and support in place may need to be reassessed to determine it still meets their needs. This review will be carried out by a qualified and experienced assessor.

As a provider, we believe it is important to encourage clients’ participation as much as possible. From our experience, engaging clients in this manner is beneficial to their recovery as well as to their physical and mental well-being. In the course of their work, care workers attempt to engage the client as much as possible.

Our care workers are also trained and mentored to be sympathetic and understanding as clients’ conditions on some days are more difficult than others, and therefore more help and support are needed on such occasions.

For further information regarding person-centered home care, call us on 0207 625 7033.